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Ecstatic tounges mating

amidst the dance of our lips,

I got lost in your bosoms,

as we inhale each other,

caressing your rose petals,

licking every drop of you,

penetrate your moist entrance,

thrusting back and forth,

let us savor every breath,

every vapor, climbing

a stairway to the stars
My days haven't been the same since I met you.

Wake up, commute, sit at my station.

The same routine, the same dance.

Now its still the same,

but with music playing in my minds stereo.

If there's a God, he must had reached down

to the inner most chambers of my soul.

Took a hand full of my dreams,

breathed life into them

and then there was,

there was you.
Poetry from Whiskey by RA-DO
Poetry from Whiskey
found poetry from:
                              Johnnie Walker Black Label
                              1 litre aged 12 years box & bottle

There's nothing like you

A strange plant with the most amazing blossom

That drives me sweaty and chaotic

A tasty detour, a regional delicacy

Like edible ferns and live lobsters

A rich treasure box

A beautiful and exotic orchid
There's nothing like you
This is a found poem but for some reason i cannot publish it under the found poetry category, so i published it under free Verse


Mabuhay Magazine, June 2006
Weekends at the market
The Star of the Philippine Orchids
The Legend of the waling - waling
First published ( i forgot the date) on my old and deceased deviantart account.

SmexyLeviLover thanks for appreciating my work
Digging up your remains,

that has been buried in my subconscious

like shrapnels randomly springing up,

causing complications in my chest.

writing becomes surgery, my therapy

picking up your memories with my pen,

and throwing them on this piece of paper

720 days wasted, wasted on you.

should have taken all I could,

my only souvenir is the memory of your lips that I stole.

you drove me away like an unwanted pet,

only to tease me from a distance.
Tagged by :iconfrappe7:

1. What is your honest-to-God opinion of this Deviant?

She's cute. She's honest, if she wants to tell you something she'll say it straight (no BS) . She doesn't like it when people asks her personal questions (except for her friends). She knows very little of Cebuano slang and Cebuano street culture or street culture in general. She's a bit uncomfortable when people especially guys starts to talk about sex. She's very observant, has a good memory, she can be a detective! She's very talented, illustrates way better than I do.

2. What do you like best about this deviant's works?

The variety of styles that is present in her gallery. Clearly she's still looking for her own personal style

3. What do you dislike about this deviant's works?

Can't think of anything.

4. Do you watch this deviant? If so why?

Yes. I watched her cause she's a friend, not sorry for doing so, she has a great gallery 

5. Relationship status with this deviant?

One of my closest friend, we text, chat, talk, play ps4. We both like game of thrones, attack on titan, death note, marvel comics, college humor, dorkly. She's the cutest nerd I've ever laid eyes on, hehe 

6. What would you suggest to this deviant for them to improve their works?

Keep doing what your doing Frappe7!

Maybe, explore more styles. Get out of your comfort zone, explore styles that is not anime 

7. How does this deviant make you feel and why?

excited happy 

8. Anything else you'd like to say to this deviant?

Keep drawing, keep making art. A lot of great artist didn't go to art school and a lot of those who did went to art school never really pursued art as a career.


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