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Skull faced bunny by RA-DO Skull faced bunny :iconra-do:RA-DO 0 0
Forgotten bells of a forgotten war
Keep the bells of Balangiga
If it helps you sleep at night,
Do they drown the cries from Balangiga?
and remind you of your might,
Do you remember the children of Balangiga?
and how you extinguished their light
ring the bells of Balangiga,
If it helps you sleep at night.
:iconra-do:RA-DO 0 2
War and Blood
While we dream
about war and blood,
there are those who fight and bleed,
they fight and bleed so that we can
dream about war and blood,
only a dream about war and blood,
nothing more but a dream,
a bad dream that will fade,
Unlike those who fight and bleed,
Some of those who fight and bleed
will fall to the grave,
so that you and I
can live a life of peace,
a life where we wont have to,
fight and bleed.
:iconra-do:RA-DO 0 0
Lost for words
My mind can't seem to capture
and express into words
the verses of the song
that my heart sings,
its melody vibrates in
my chest and the music
plays whenever I,
think of you
:iconra-do:RA-DO 1 2
9:53 AM
slowly, everything fades to white
As the rain pours stronger,
like white paint being sprayed
on a stained canvas,
turning this metropolis
into a blank slate,
like a piece of empty paper,
filled with nothing
but possibilities
:iconra-do:RA-DO 2 5
All was lost
All was lost
All was lost
when I took my heart,
out of its box,
removing all the locks,
beating, singing,
should have kept it in.
should have kept it
beating, singing by itself,
beating, singing alone
beating, singing in silence
:iconra-do:RA-DO 1 0
The Hamster Wheel Solution
The Hamster Wheel Solution
If i could put my heart in a jar,
i would lock it up somewhere far
away, so i could think,
without these tears ,that makes me blink,
Replace it with a hamster, in a hamster wheel,
that goes round and round,
i don't know how, that would feel,
but i bet, its better than this,
don't you agree? my sweet Miss
:iconra-do:RA-DO 1 4
Your Voice
You're Voice
Your voice lingers in my head.
It has made itself comfortable,
a welcomed guest, exploring
the roundness of my skull.
reaching down,
to the depths of my heart
:iconra-do:RA-DO 0 6
Mature content
Rhythm of Waves :iconra-do:RA-DO 2 8
Mature content
Merge :iconra-do:RA-DO 0 0
My days haven't been the same since I met you.
Wake up, commute, sit at my station.
The same routine, the same dance.
Now its still the same,
but with music playing in my minds stereo.
If there's a God, he must had reached down
to the inner most chambers of my soul.
Took a hand full of my dreams,
breathed life into them
and then there was,
there was you.
:iconra-do:RA-DO 2 12
Poetry from Whiskey by RA-DO Poetry from Whiskey :iconra-do:RA-DO 2 8
There's nothing like you
There's nothing like you
A strange plant with the most amazing blossom
That drives me sweaty and chaotic
A tasty detour, a regional delicacy
Like edible ferns and live lobsters
A rich treasure box
A beautiful and exotic orchid
:iconra-do:RA-DO 1 4
Digging up your remains,
that has been buried in my subconscious
like shrapnels randomly springing up,
causing complications in my chest.
writing becomes surgery, my therapy
picking up your memories with my pen,
and throwing them on this piece of paper
720 days wasted, wasted on you.
should have taken all I could,
my only souvenir is the memory of your lips that I stole.
you drove me away like an unwanted pet,
only to tease me from a distance.
:iconra-do:RA-DO 0 4
Contemplation by RA-DO Contemplation :iconra-do:RA-DO 3 0 Dealer by RA-DO Dealer :iconra-do:RA-DO 1 0


[CE] Pearl of Life by Frappe7 [CE] Pearl of Life :iconfrappe7:Frappe7 233 72
Pearl of Life
What had begun as a normal day in the waters swiftly changed as excited chatter filled the cavern. A shift in the water current foretold of the coming events and thousands upon thousands of mermen crammed into the small space. As the last few trickled in, a young blonde merman bumped head on with another in his haste.
“Sorry!” He hastily bowed his head but the one he had collided with was long gone.
Rubbing the sore spot, he hurriedly got into position. This was the first event in his short life as Dick 10. The excitement that ran through his veins was shared by all the mermen beside him, young or old. For this was what they lived for.
Looking to his left, he nodded at the merman next to him. The older Dick 55 gave him a wink. Grinning, he readied himself, his eyes taking in the amazing spectacle around him. Rows and rows of mermen stretched out in front of him, all of them looking identical to him… yet all so different.
Dick 30 had a foul temper, Dick 121 was always
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 36 57
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Mature content
Sacrifice :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 1,281 55
of escape and near misses by creaturesfromel of escape and near misses :iconcreaturesfromel:creaturesfromel 1,342 22 Strange and gentle IV by creaturesfromel Strange and gentle IV :iconcreaturesfromel:creaturesfromel 588 10



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